Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Murder Of Debra Davis (And Other Whitey Bulger Atrocities)

More Whitey news! I provide some links below to articles about the eagerness of Whitey Bulger victims (or their survivors) to strike back any way they can. In 2009, a federal court ruled that "$350,000 to the families of each of the three victims, because of the conscious pain and suffering endured by Debra Davis, 26, who was strangled in 1981; Deborah Hussey, 26, strangled in 1985; and Louis Litif, 45, who was stabbed and shot in 1980." Davis and Hussey are among at least two women strangled by Whitey Bulger. On separate occasions. It almost makes you wonder why on earth Whitey was not investigated as a possible Boston Strangler suspect, back in the day. And keep in mind that becoming Boston Strangler II was just one of his sidelines. The middle-aged Litif was a South Boston bookmaker who was about to provide evidence about Whitey before he was killed. The judge awarded an additional $800,000 to his widow and two children. The losing defendant in this civil case was not just the government, but specifically the FBI, who protected Whitey from local authorities while he acted as their informant. But winning a lawsuit against them is not enough, say many. They want everyone in the FBI involved with the Whitey Bulger protection scam to be exposed and prosecuted - not just their fall guy, John Connolly.

Debra Davis was Steve Flemmi's longtime girlfriend, having met the middle-aged thug as a teenager. After nine years she wanted out, but Flemmi passive-aggressively lured the poor woman to a South Boston address where Whitey (not Steve, you notice) strangled her with his bare hands, and then extracted her teeth with a pair of pliers. Kevin Weeks, who is now something of a minor celebrity and definitely not in jail, helped Whitey bury the body in Quincy. Of all Whitey's black-hearted shenanigans, I find this the most chilling. When Whitey was not killing women, he was killing their kin - even those of his mistress, Catherine Grieg. He not only killed her brother-in-law, Paul McGonagle, but may also have killed her brother, David. David Greig supposedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the heart. Relevant factoid - Whitey "discovered" the body. You can reach your own conclusions there.

Now that Whitey has been apprehended and sits in jail awaiting justice, lots of former friends, enemies and/or fre-nemies have come out of the woodwork to give their blessings, so to speak.

Here are some samples of how fondly Whitey is remembered and how well he is loved:

Patrick Nee, a former member of the Mullen Gang who once had a running gun battle with Whitey: "I wish I’d killed Whitey Bulger when I had the opportunity."

Richard Marinick, the author and a onetime armored-car-robber, was once threatened by Whitey - and rather disgustingly at that: "I’m walking along the street in Southie one day, and Bulger’s car pulls up. He says, ‘Get in.’ I’m sitting in the back seat, face to face with Jimmy. He says, ‘You’re a health nut, right, a healthy guy?’ Bulger was into good health, eating right, taking vitamin supplements; we’d talked about it before. ‘Well,’ he says, ‘what you’re doing now is not very healthy.’ He explained to me, ‘Our primary line of business is racketeering. Our secondary line of business is killing people. You do not want to be part of our secondary line of business … I will kill you and run your body through the meat-grinding plant. I will grind up your body, put it in a plastic bag, and leave it on your mother’s doorstep.’"

Kevin Weeks, Whitey's righthand man, claims that Whitey is still dangerous in jail at the age of 82: "He was a hard guy, tough as nails. A stone-cold killer. I know he’s 82 now, but still, he’s in great shape, mentally strong. I hear they’ve got him in protective custody to protect him from other inmates. But don’t put it past him: he might try to kill somebody himself. Put a shank in his hand, and he’d know what to do with it."

Still feral after all these years...

They say Whitey Bulger is in for it. The attorney for Debra Davis's family says, "Any plea that he agrees to, he gets a telephone pole shoved up the ass. If he goes to trial, he gets a telephone pole shoved up the ass." Well, maybe - but what in the end can they do to him? They can give him life, but - face it - he's 82. What kind of punishment is that? Prison would just be Whitey's own version of assisted living. The Bay State doesn't currently have the death penalty, but maybe they'll reinstate it just for him. God knows they should.

(As a sidenote, read some of the comments underneath the article. One commenter conflates "whitey" with white people in general, and disses both. Another taunts Whitey about how his "bung hole" will be used (or abused) in the joint. Still another pooh-poohs Whitey's dominance in South Boston, claiming most residents wouldn't have known him if he had walked past them on the street.)

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