Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Could Anthony "The Moron" Be Still Alive?

Above is a rare photograph of Anthony Mirabella, the Providence mafioso believed to have been slain in 1982. I wrote about Mirabella in a blog post dated July 28, 2011. Just this week, an anonymous source left a comment asking me to contact him (or her). I emailed this source using the address provided, and we corresponded. The source sent me the picture shown here. The source hinted that Mirabella may not actually be dead. When I sent the source a second email asking for more details, I received the following note:

"Well, there are more people that share my beliefs than you think. Many say he was a so-called 'Moron' but that's what he wanted them to think. I'm not saying he [was] some kind of huge mafia figure, hardly. But hit men in the mob keep their mouths shut and their ears open. They see and hear more facts, dates and so forth. Just the right thread when you're trying to sew the pieces together in a case. I find it funny that it is difficult to find legal documentation about [Mirabella]. Searches and such [yield] tidbits at best. The only way to identify the body was dental records, that's easy enough to cover up. Around the same time he was [supposedly "killed"] in 1982 the FBI had a long ongoing investigation into the mob. See, he knew his clock was ticking on the outside [and] what better way to keep breathing? I do not believe anyone ever did time for his murder. Bobo [Marrapese] was found not guilty and no one else was ever charged... There is a lot more to this story, Mr. Elliott. Everyone would just rather sweep it under the rug."

Such speculations can explain why neither "Bobo" Marrapese nor anyone else was found guilty of his murder. It is entirely possible that Mirabella turned himself in to the FBI and they put him in Witness Protection. It would make a nice plot for an episode of In Plain Sight, as a matter of fact.

Anthony "The Moron" Mirabella & Friends (Jimmy Elliott - Gangland Scribe)

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