Friday, May 13, 2011

Dr. James A. Fox - Our Local "Dean Of Death"

Here are some links pertaining to James Alan Fox, a Northeastern University criminology professor who has been nicknamed “The Dean of Death”. Since I first returned to Greater Boston fifteen years ago from my cigarette-smuggling operation in North Carolina (only kidding – my real crimes were something else), I have seen this dude every once in a while on the tube. A little pat sometimes, in the way of those profilers who continue to insist that sociopaths can never, ever feel true emotion (sob…), but otherwise thoughtful and informative. In fact, watching him makes me wish I had studied criminology myself back in college. It almost makes me wish I’d gone to Northeastern, like this big honking dude I used to work with in a clothes store near South Station who was going to N.U. to become a cop. (I always thought he was dumb though.) As for moi, I am pleased to say that I was an A student in anthropology and psychology and the field of criminology is just a stone’s throw away from those. I suppose I can always pretend to be a criminologist, the way Kenny Bianchi pretended to be a clinical psychologist, but somehow I think that would not be fully satisfying. In any case, Dr. Fox is the prominent go-to man for analyzing the mindset of just about anyone who generates mayhem in these parts. In fact, he keeps a regular “Crime and Punishment” blog at the Boston Globe website that may be worth following.

James Alan Fox (Wikipedia)
Dr. Fox's "Crime and Punishment" blog (
Dr. Fox's books (

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